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Rags and Drag

One of the many reasons it is good to have a dog is that it forces me to take a lot of walks around my neighborhood, during which I always keep an eye out for promo posters on fluorescent copy paper. It keeps me apprised of goings-on, and just the sight of those round kiosks […]

Bands that Should Come to Madison… Pretty Please?

The Overture Center recently asked me (and its other 2,932 Facebook friends) who we would like to see perform on their stage. And that got me thinking… Madison is getting the shaft this summer on a lot of tour schedules. All of my favorite Canadian indie bands are touring this summer, and not one of […]

Mad Good Music (and Food)

Reason #1,467 why I love Madison is that it has free festivals all summer long. Coming up on June 12-13 is the Marquette Waterfront Festival right in my neighborhood at Yahara Place Park.  I am super excited that Great Lake Swimmers will be playing on June 13 at 4:30 p.m.  I love me some Canadian […]

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