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A Sunny Springtime Recipe

It’s been awhile since I’ve featured a recipe on this blog and, since warmer weather is finally here, I thought I’d share one of my favorite springtime meals. I first had this dish a few years ago when a friend made it for me from her Barefoot Contessa cookbook. I have made it several times […]

A Recipe for Wintry Weather

It’s been snowing all day here in Madison. My daffodils and hyacinth are covered in glistening chunks of ice. There’s almost nothing good about winter weather in spring, except for the fact that it gives me an excuse to make just a few more hearty meals before turning to lighter, springtime fare. And nothing says […]

A Quick and Delicious Weeknight Recipe

Is it just me, or is life moving faster than usual these days? When I’m busy, my cooking falls into a rut. That’s why I was eager to try out this hearty, delicious, and easy soup idea from a fellow food blogger. Since I’m incapable of following a recipe, I added a few of my […]

The Great Chili Debate

My foodie friend, Amy, and I have a debate that resurfaces every winter. She’s from Texas and believes with the zeal of a Bible-thumper that chili should be burn-your-mouth hot and consist of large chunks of steak-like stew meat. Beans, to her, are sacrilege, as are any kind of carbs in the chili. I grew […]

A Winter Pick-Me-Up

When I opened my February 2011 copy of Food & Wine magazine, an unusual picture caught my eye. A band of adults and kids, all of them clad in bright parkas and clutching broomsticks, were captured mid-sprint in a game of broomball on an ice-covered lake. The scene looked like a modern Norman Rockwell painting. […]

Celebrating Local Farmers

Yesterday when I checked my mailbox, I saw the winter edition of Edible Madison magazine nestled among the usual holiday ads and credit card applications. I was excited not only to curl up with the magazine and feast on food-related articles, but also to take a peek at the finished product of the feature I […]

Happy Thanksgiving…and a Recipe

If you’ve ever had the honor (and the stress) of hosting Thanksgiving, you know how important it is to have at least some dishes you can make ahead of time and then just pop in the oven before dinner. When my husband and I hosted our first Thanksgiving, we had timelines taped up all over […]

Bread Baking for Dummies

I love bread. And I’ve become a bit of a snob about it, too, because I’m spoiled by friends and family members who are fantastic bakers (which also happens to be my mom’s maiden name…go figure).  But here’s the thing: I’m really, really busy. Between blogging and writing and working and occasionally getting up from […]

Don’t Hate Them Because They’re Ugly

If you ever see someone crawling on the sidewalk underneath the tables at the farmers’ market, that person would be me. In late summer and early fall, I will be close to the ground, digging through the boxes of ugly tomatoes that aren’t perfect enough to put on display. You know the tomatoes I’m talking […]

How to Use Your CSA Veggies in One Dish

Image by Paul Grant Yesterday I picked up my bi-weekly CSA basket, weighed down with beautiful, fresh veggies from Vermont Valley Community Farm. I’m going on vacation soon, though, and needed to think of a way to use them all quickly. The answer? Pasta salad. It’s one of those “kitchen sink” dishes that allows you […]

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