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Feels Like Home

I’m thrilled to have the talented blogger and decorator Doreen Creede from Style Maniac guest posting today on Glossing Over It about interior design. Decor is something I admire and enjoy, but I don’t have any background in it, so I was thrilled when Doreen agreed to say a few words about her own approach […]

Yarn Bombing

Check out this extra-cozy bus shelter on State Street that some UW-Madison design students created with local knitters, to coincide with Gallery Night. Have you ever seen a more cheerful place to catch the bus? Happy Friday, everyone. Have a cozy weekend.

Willy St. Fair: Be Anything but Ordinary

The motto of the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood on Madison’s east side is “A Place for All People.” Nothing proves that motto better than our annual free-for-all, the Willy Street Fair. We’ve got robots for peace. We’ve got the Wacky Wheeler (see photo). We’ve got a cadillac that shoots giant bubbles from a tuba. We’ve got stiltwalkers […]

A Creative Space at the Ocean’s Edge

It is a rare and priceless treat to peek into the space where someone creates art. It is even more extraordinary to meet the artist, hear his voice, and have the opportunity to thank him, in person, for his contribution to making the world a more beautiful place. I had this opportunity with Peruvian artist […]

Textile Heaven in Peru

I have been a bit delinquent in posting because I´ve been traveling in Peru. One of my favorite parts of visiting new places is perusing (pun intended) the local markets. I´m in love with the colorful textiles that grace every market stall and alley tienda here. Blankets handwoven from lambswool and alpaca are not luxuries […]

Who’s Afraid of Experimental Theater?

When I hear the words “experimental theater” I picture this scene in David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day: I’m slicing this pineapple now, I thought. Next I’ll just rip apart these sock monkeys and pour the stuffing into this tall rubber boot. Good, that’s good. Nobody pours stuffing like you do, my friend. Now […]

Busy Gal Barbie

Ten years ago, a friend gave me a card with this vintage Barbie image on it and I saved it. I know Barbies are less-than-popular these days because of their sexist implications, but I love this print. I played with the plastic Mattel dolls into my early teens (I was not cool if you haven’t […]

Come to the Hobo Cabaret

Tonight I will be rubbing elbows with sword swallowers, dancing dolls, fire eaters, burlesque dancers, and hobo poets. An average evening at home? Nope, the Fireball Masquerade at the Majestic Theater, put on by the traveling Yard Dogs Road Show. Described on their website as patchwork crew of “vaudeville and rock and roll,” the Yard […]

Everyone Needs a Photographer Friend

It is absolutely essential to be friends with at least one good photographer. Seriously. The person doesn’t need to be a professional–anyone with a decent camera, preferably a digital SLR, and knows how to use it, will do. In these days of constant life documentation on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr & Tumblr, you might as well […]

Dance Your Troubles Away

I love these posters around town, but I don’t know what they are for. I find them both uplifting and creepy at the same time. Does anyone know who made them?

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