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A Country Drive and a Cheese Shop

When life gets hectic, which is most of the time, my husband and I like to go for a country drive. (Yes, I know that makes us sound decades older than we are, but I also like Scrabble and gardening, so I think I’m really a grandma at heart, anyway.) On the Fourth of July, we loaded up our dog in the car and drove to Blue Mound State Park for some hiking. On the way home, rather than taking the interstate, we meandered back toward Madison on county highways. We stopped at our CSA farm, Vermont Valley Community Farm, which was not only lush with vegetables, but also fields of flowers. And, of course, no Fourth of July drive would be complete without stopping for ice cream. We got some at Dee’s cheese shop in Mount Horeb, which carries Babcock Ice Cream as well as a great selection of local cheeses. We picked up some Pleasant Ride Reserve and Hook’s Gorgonzola to take home with us. Good thing we went hiking first.