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Focus on the Farmer: Mushroom Magic

Since farmers’ market season is now in full swing, I’ve decided to start featuring local farmers from time to time on my blog.

On Tuesday evening, I ventured to the East Side Farmers’ Market and, while I was there, picked up half a pound of the best shiitake mushrooms I’ve ever had, from Herb’n’Oyster farm in McFarland. What struck me about these mushrooms was not only their rich, woodsy taste, but also how gorgeous and clean they were. I don’t usually think of mushrooms as being pretty, but the displays of oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms reminded me of roses or coral. Kari and Joe, who run Herb’n’Oyster, can be found not only at the East Side market, but also at the Dane County Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the Northside Market on Sundays. I will definitely be adding their stall to my list of must-hit vendors at the market.

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  • juliette crane

    sounds so delicious and what a beautiful photo! we stopped by the west side farmer’s market yesterday and picked up some of the best peanut butter i think i’ve ever had. Ingredients: peanuts, love. I just have to go back for more 🙂