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Yard Sale Steals

I love yard sales for two reasons.  First, there’s something voyeuristic about people inviting you onto their lawns or into their garages to rifle through their stuff. The second reason I love yard sales is because you just never know when you’re going to hit the junkyard jackpot. This past weekend, a friend and I went to a few sales in my neighborhood. At side-by-side houses on Williamson Street, I scored some fantastic finds. I paid less than $20, total, for this vintage American Tourister carry-on bag, silk Chanel scarf, and–the pièce de résistance–a sparkling, vintage Dior evening bag complete with the original tags. Since I don’t have many occasions for evening wear, I like the idea of wearing it with jeans. It kind of says, “Yeah, I’m fancy. So what?”

Photos are courtesy of my photographer friend, Nick Wilkes.