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make Beer Can Chicken like a rapper










Last night, we had beer can chicken and biscuits for dinner while listening to Dolly Parton. I am not kidding. We needed a hearty meal after a day spent rock climbing at Devils Lake with my awesome friend and climbing guide, Nick.

While digging into the juicy chicken, Nick asked my husband: “Where did you get this recipe idea?”

My husband’s reply? “Ludacris.”

You don’t have to be a rapper to make beer can chicken, though. All you need is a whole roasting chicken (not frozen), a can of beer, olive oil, salt, and pepper. And other spices, if you’d like.

Rub the outside of the chicken with the olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever other spices you want. Remove the giblets and other nasty bits from the cavity of the chicken. Open the beer and take a few sips. Insert the beer can into the chicken’s cavity (I am realizing this sounds gross, but it will be worth it, trust me).

Balance the chicken on your grill by using the can and the 2 legs as a sort of poultry “tripod.” Cook the chicken on medium-high heat until the internal breast temperature is 165 F (about an hour or more, depending on the size of the bird). Lest rest and carve. Listen to Dolly.


  • Ann's Rants

    Simultaneously disgusting, delicious-looking, hilarious, and obscene.

    and why am I thinking of forceps?? OUCH.

  • Erin

    I will feast on Zhanna’s rendition of this. You had me until the giblets, nasty bits, and cavity removal. Keep the recipes coming, Susan!

  • Zhanna

    That is awesome! I am definitely going to try this. And I see you used the champagne of beers, this must have been a very fancy dinner 🙂