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International Flight Survival Kit

Flying is a drag these days. Taking a survival kit will make a long international flight more comfortable and stylish. Here’s mine:

Going clockwise left to right:

  1. Vintage Samsonite carry-on
  2. Stack of unread magazines. I’ll be bringing Rolling Stone, O, and Real Simple
  3. Ambien
  4. Felted merino wool wrap
  5. iPhone loaded with chick flicks
  6. BPA-free Nalgene bottle. I always bring it in empty through security and then fill it up to take on my flight. Because environmental friendliness is always in style.


  • Kori

    I also think adding some special “slipper socks” is valuable. I take my shoes of right away and put them to keep my feet warm and also get up and walk around in them.

    Oh, and those Wisp 1-time use toothbrushes…can be helpful for when you wake up.

  • Chevy

    I like to buy a good “Hustler” in the airport myself. I find that that guarantees me an armrest the whole way. šŸ™‚