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Taste of the Andes

For me, one of the joys of going somewhere new is trying different foods. While traveling in Peru, I had the chance to eat some delicious and diverse cuisine. Some the more adventurous meals involved alpaca skewers (good) and roasted guinea pig (interesting… tasted like a cross between pork and chicken). Probably my favorite Peruvian food, though, was the most simple: the ubiquitous bar snack of fried, salted corn kernels–similar to our Corn Nuts, except that the Peruvian version is fried minutes before serving, instead of purchased at a gas station. Here are some photos of the culinary highlights of our trip:

From left to right, going clockwise:  (1)  passion fruit cake in a nest of spun sugar at Limo in Cusco; (2) clay pot stews and bread from the stone oven at Pacha Papa in Cusco; (3) pisco sour and fried corn snacks at Hotel Monasterio in Cusco; (4) amuse bouche and sole ceviche at Astrid y Gaston in Lima; (5) golden potato gnocchi at Cicciolina in Cucso; (6) the first of many fabulous meals on the Inca Trail, prepared by our skillful backcountry chef, Percy, from Auqui Mountain Spirit.