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Tee Time

My husband prides himself on his collection of bizarre t-shirts. His standards are strict. They have to be soft and they have to fit well. They can’t be from Urban Outfitters. Oh, and did I mention he doesn’t like to shop? So unless I want to see him wearing the same t-shirt every weekend–the one from his kickball team 10 years ago that says “Kick Me in the Junk”–I have to try, from time to time, to point him in the direction of sources for new t-shirt purchases.

Thank God for Etsy. In a recent search for not-too-scratchy, not-too-big, sufficiently unique t-shirts, I came upon a local Madison Etsy seller, The Bare Tree, that designs some pretty hilarious apparel items. I found these gems (which also happen to be modeled by some eye candy for the ladies):

I’m not posting the one I actually think he might want, because then it wouldn’t meet the “unique” requirement. Oh, and in case you need an accessory to go with any of these tees, this Double Rainbow belt, a nod to the YouTube phenomenon of the same name, would go nicely with all four: