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Looks of Ski Seasons Past

Generally, I’m a summertime and sunshine kind of girl. But I have to admit there are a few things about winter that I like. Skiing is at the top of the list. I smile, or maybe grimace, when I think about some of my ski outfits from years past. As a pre-teen in the late eighties/early nineties, I loved my neon pink Columbia jacket that reversed to electric blue.  I even had neon pink goggles to match. Then there was my shiny purple Nevica jacket with its gimmicky avalanche alarm stitched into the shoulder–just what every fourteen-year-old ski bunny needs.  In high school I rocked a very aprés look, with an iridescent blue Nils jacket identical to this one, with tight black wool stirrup pants, which I still insist were awesome and would wear today if they fit me.

Maybe someday I will post some of my many looks of ski seasons past, if I can find pictures. Until then, I give you this collage of vintage ski wear.

Clockwise from top left: ski fashions from the 1930s (from Found in Mom’s Basement), 1940s (from The Vintage Traveler), 1980s (from Sun Valley Guide),  1960s (from Poppygal), 1970s (from

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