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Art in Unexpected Places

For my first article for Edible Madison magazine in fall 2010 (which was, in fact, my first published piece of food writing), I visited Fountain Prairie Inn and Farms. I had a lovely time meeting and interviewing John and Dorothy Priske about their herd of Highland Cattle, which they raise for grass-fed beef on their sustainable farm.  You can imagine my surprise and delight, then, when I went to drop off a package at the post office in downtown Madison and saw an art installation featuring pictures of the long, curly horns of the Priskes’ cattle, in very Georgia O’Keefe-like style. I love finding art in unexpected places, especially when it strikes a personal connection. Have you stumbled upon any art in your daily life lately?


 Note: the installation did not have the name of an artist to accredit, except to say that it was a project sponsored by the farm. If you know who created these works, please let me know so I can give credit for these lovely pieces.


  • Dorothy at Fountain Prairie

    Hi Susan,

    The artist’s name is Kandis Elliot, UW Senior Artist Emerita. Did you have a chance to go to the back of the exhibit area to see the two skulls and the drinking cups made from cattle horns in the display cases? Another part of the exhibit showcases Kandis’s botanical drawings. The exhibit runs through the end of August.


  • Style Maniac

    I find so many things can become unexpected art, it’s all a matter of how you display them. Such as cocktail napkins as art, a post I am working on right now!

  • OpinionsToGo

    I’ve started carrying my camera with me, everywhere I go. I have found things to photograph in the most unusual places and circumstances.