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Last night I set my dinner on fire

flamesYes, it’s true.

I debated whether or not to tell you. After all, I publish recipes on this site. But, as someone who battles perfectionism, I think it’s important to share imperfections.

So there it is. Some days I interview pastry chefs. Some days I visit award-winning artisanal farms. Some days I spend 8 hours making pesto or canning pickles. And some days, I put a carton of Trader Joe’s Mojito Salmon in the oven and forget about it until there is smoke wafting from the oven.

I’m not kidding about the flames. I had to toss the whole damn thing outside in a snow bank to keep the smoke detectors from going off.

I’m not perfect. But that won’t stop me from attempting a recipe this weekend from my new Smitten Kitchen cookbook. I’ll just make sure I have a fire extinguisher handy.


  • Katherine

    hahahah sorry i’m just creepily this post 8 months later but i do that stuff ALL the time!!!!!!!!! i also can not make even a decent loaf of banana bread. it’s so hard for me and i can’t figure out why. like i’m better at making souffles. actually if you have any recipes let me know.

  • Laura DuPont

    Susan, your honesty makes you even more lovable. Don’t worry about the perfectionism. It runs in the family.