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Taking Five for the People Behind the Scenes of Vintage

Today I’m over at The Debutante Ball, where I blog every Wednesday, talking about the people who helped make my debut novel, VINTAGE, possible. Here’s a sneak preview:

It takes more than one person to write a novel, and any author who doesn’t admit that is either lying or an egomaniac. In my case, it took a whole lot of people for VINTAGE to go from a glimmer of an idea to a manuscript to a real-life book that hits bookstores in March. Here are five of them, or five categories of people, since I couldn’t actually narrow it down to just five individuals.

First, there was my very patient husband, who didn’t complain, or only minimally so, when I took off for a critique group meeting or yet another late-evening editing session. He also gets credit for not thinking I was completely insane for wanting to do, and thinking I could do, this author thing in the first place, when I have a perfectly good law degree. My husband has encouraged me in an endeavor that requires me to hang out alone for long periods of time, leaving him with the toddler, the dog, and the dishes. Did I mention I love this man?

Read the rest at The Debutante Ball, a blog for Debut Authors.


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