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Strawberry Season: Squatting in Heels

Because of the great spring we’ve had, strawberries are here early this year! I picked some up from the farmers’ market yesterday. I am obsessed with local strawberries. The small, sweet varieties grown in Southern Wisconsin are the best strawberries I’ve had anywhere. I horde them when they are in season and then freeze them with a little bit of sugar so I can eat them all year long. I am so crazy about strawberries that, last June, I drove out to JenEhr Farm in Sun Prairie over my lunch hour to buy some 10-lb. flats of organic strawberries. When I got there, the pre-picked containers of strawberries were sold out. Not wanting to have made the drive for nothing, I squatted down in the dirt in my heels and skirt and frantically picked some strawberries on my own. One for my mouth, one for the basket, one for my mouth, one for the basket… I came back to work a little bit dirty, but quite satiated.


  • Kerri H.

    Hi Susan! I also adore strawberries year-round. My mom recently started making a no-cook strawberry jam that you might love. It’s not thick and dark but instead a bright punchy red. I have decided it’s actually the world’s best ice cream topping. Let me know if you’re interested in the recipe! She and I are going to have a jam session here in a few weeks.

  • juliette crane

    SO hoping we get some more strawberries in our csa box next week. last week, being out of town, our neighbors were nice enough to pick up our csa, but alas, ate ALL the strawberries!