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Bike to Work Without Looking Geeky

It’s Bike to Work Week. As I pedaled to the office with my pants rolled up, I realized that, although I love a morning ride, the biker look is really cramping my style. Is there any way to look moderately cute on my short commute without having to change once I get to the office? Rumor has it there’s a shower/locker room in the basement of our building, so technically I could just get ready there, but I try not to get naked in the building where I work, as a general rule. So I hunted online for a bike-friendly, fashion-friendly outfit with two requirements: (1) no spandex and (2) it had to be sweat-resistant. No one likes to show up to work with pit stains. Now if only I had a wad of cash to buy this ensemble…

Nutcase helmet, Lolë Dainty Shirt, Chloé cropped Pants, Kate Spade Summerville Jenkins Bag, Marc By Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, Tory Burch Straw Reva Ballerina Flat