DIY Sushi

On Saturday, I attended the bridal shower of a friend who (lucky for me) also happens to be a foodie. For her shower, she brought in a chef, Kum Ng, to show us how to make sushi. Now, I’ve made sushi before, but it always ends up being a day-long project. First, there’s the running around to 3 different stores trying to find sushi grade fish. Then there’s the cutting of said fish and all of the vegetables into perfect, thin strips. I bought a mandoline for this purpose, but in the time it takes me to get the thing set up and conquer my anxiety about chopping a finger off, I probably could have julienned 6 carrots and 4 cucumbers by hand. The great thing about the “make your own sushi” shower was that all of the prep work was done for us, so we got to focus on the fun part of assembling, rolling, and eating the sushi.

A vast improvement over the usual bridal shower scene of playing awkward games, wishing desperately that the punch was spiked, and getting stuck in the corner talking to The Aunt No One Has Met. For a reason.

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