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A New Project… and an Announcement

I’m back over at Wisconsin Public Television’s website, blogging about sustainable and local food for the next 5 weeks. My posts will go up every Tuesday. Come on over and check out this week’s post about How to Eat Locally Without Lifting a Finger.

I love to cook, and when I agreed to do a food-specific blogging series for WPT, I had grand visions of trolling the aisles of natural foods co-ops and the winter farmers’ markets to come up with new ways to eat squash and kale. And then came a little “bump” in the road. Literally. I’m 15 weeks pregnant and, though very excited, I’m finding it hard to peel myself off the couch, let alone whip up a meal from scratch. So this week’s Sustainable Wisconsin post is about how to eat locally while letting other people do the work (i.e., restaurants that use local ingredients). As soon as my energy comes back (I hear rumors that it rebounds in the second trimester, but I have yet to see this effect), I promise those squash and kale recipes. Or maybe I’ll just write about bacon. That’s local. And Madison has some good ice cream and pickles made locally, too.