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Puppies and Microbrews

I’m doing it. The puppy post. But it will tie in with food (the people kind). And beer. I promise.

One thing I miss about Chicago is all of the dog-friendly bars. It’s not uncommon to walk by the outdoor patio of a pub and see dogs leashed to their owners’ tables. So when the bar Woofs opened in Madison, I walked right in and naively asked the bartender if it was a place I could bring my dog. He laughed at me and set me straight. Literally. Woofs is a gay bar (something we also have too few of in Madison). Oops.

While it turns out Woofs is not a place you can bring your dog, there are some places you can. Pet stores MadCat, Bad Dog Frida, and PetSmart are dog friendly. As are Star Liquor and Ace Hardware on Williamson Street. Both keep dog treats behind the counter. Whenever we go in, my dog nearly yanks my arm off and drags me to the register to claim her Milk Bone.

Dogs are also welcome in the outdoor seating areas of Bandung Indonesian, Hawks and Kabul on State Street, as well as Marigold and Tutto Pasta near the Capitol. And Capital Brewery’s beer garden in Middleton is a veritable dog fest on any given summer night. Even if you’re not a dog owner, you can go there to sip microbrews and get your fix of puppy love.

My husband insists that Batch Bakehouse is dog friendly because he’s brought our dog in there. They do make puppy treats, but I’m pretty sure the bakery itself is not dog friendly and that my husband just thinks it is because he strolls in there with a lot of confidence and a big smile. And a cute dog. Who wants to argue with that?

Know of other businesses that are dog friendly in Madison? Leave a comment.


  • Amanda

    I literally LOLed at the WOOFs story!

    Tabby and Jacks (one in Fitchburg and one downtown) is a pet store so it’s no surpirse you can bring your dog in, but I signed up for their newsletter and they have some fun events. I was out of town and couldn’t go but they had a doggie Easter egg hunt! They also do an EXCELLENT job at grooming- I can’t get over how cute my dog is after her haircut!

  • Elizabeth

    I stopped by Java Cat on Monona with my “cat-dog” waiting in the car after a vet visit. Unfortunately for him, Java Cat only had dog treats!