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    A French Dessert and a Fresh Read

    For me, one of summer’s great joys is scarfing down mass quantities of berries and stone fruits. Another one of the season’s pleasures is sitting in a shaded spot, curled up with a good book. When the two converge? Serendipity. Last week, the fruit box delivered by my CSA farm was packed tight with eight pounds of sweet cherries. My husband, son, and I stuffed as many into our mouths as we could. Immediately. When we wiped the red juice from our faces, though, we still had quite a few cherries left. Enter, The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane, the delightful debut novel by Kelly Harms that I happened to be…

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    The Soup Solution to a Gray Day

    Dreary days call for hot, hearty meals. Here's one I cooked up the other day with fall veggies from my CSA share from Vermont Valley Community Farm. I highly recommend the recipe if your appetite and attitude need a little warming up.

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    A Seasonal Recipe with Swiss Chard

    I’ve been busy these past few days taking care of my brand new baby boy. I wrote this post last Sunday, the day I went into labor! I didn’t have a chance to post it then (for obvious reasons), so I’m posting it now in case anyone is looking for a good recipe to use up summer veggies. I’ll be back soon! Back to baby cuddles and kisses… At this time of year, big bunches of green things arrive in my CSA box from Vermont Valley Community Farm. Some of them have obvious uses, like lettuce for salads or pea pods for stir fry. Other veggies require a little more…