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    Spring Forward, Stay Neutral

    By Guest Blogger, Dorothy Munholland The transition from winter to spring can be one of the most exciting yet simultaneously exasperating times of year for those of us who spend the colder months envisioning our warmer weather outfits. There is nothing quite like wearing shorts outside for the first time in months, especially when you realize that you may have jumped the gun on sporting bare legs. Then, just as you think it’s finally time to shove the wool sweaters towards the back of your closet the forecast calls for… snow. Great. Fortunately, I’ve managed to avoid the outfit letdowns caused by unpredictable weather and closet transitions because most of…

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    Taste of the Andes

    For me, one of the joys of going somewhere new is trying different foods. While traveling in Peru, I had the chance to eat some delicious and diverse cuisine. Some the more adventurous meals involved alpaca skewers (good) and roasted guinea pig (interesting… tasted like a cross between pork and chicken). Probably my favorite Peruvian food, though, was the most simple: the ubiquitous bar snack of fried, salted corn kernels–similar to our Corn Nuts, except that the Peruvian version is fried minutes before serving, instead of purchased at a gas station. Here are some photos of the culinary highlights of our trip: From left to right, going clockwise:  (1)  passion…

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    A Creative Space at the Ocean’s Edge

    It is a rare and priceless treat to peek into the space where someone creates art. It is even more extraordinary to meet the artist, hear his voice, and have the opportunity to thank him, in person, for his contribution to making the world a more beautiful place. I had this opportunity with Peruvian artist Victor Delfín a few days ago in Lima. At age 83, Delfín still works daily in the stunning studio he designed at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Lima’s Barranco neighborhood. His vibrant daughter, Lilian, runs a bed and breakfast on site called Second Home Peru, which also serves as a gallery for Delfín’s…

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    Textile Heaven in Peru

    I have been a bit delinquent in posting because I´ve been traveling in Peru. One of my favorite parts of visiting new places is perusing (pun intended) the local markets. I´m in love with the colorful textiles that grace every market stall and alley tienda here. Blankets handwoven from lambswool and alpaca are not luxuries here… they are everday objects, used to haul firewood, carry babies, dress tables, and adorn beds. Aren´t they lovely?

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    International Flight Survival Kit

    Flying is a drag these days. Taking a survival kit will make a long international flight more comfortable and stylish. Here’s mine: Going clockwise left to right: Vintage Samsonite carry-on Stack of unread magazines. I’ll be bringing Rolling Stone, O, and Real Simple Ambien Felted merino wool wrap iPhone loaded with chick flicks BPA-free Nalgene bottle. I always bring it in empty through security and then fill it up to take on my flight. Because environmental friendliness is always in style.