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Textile Heaven in Peru

I have been a bit delinquent in posting because I´ve been traveling in Peru. One of my favorite parts of visiting new places is perusing (pun intended) the local markets. I´m in love with the colorful textiles that grace every market stall and alley tienda here. Blankets handwoven from lambswool and alpaca are not luxuries here… they are everday objects, used to haul firewood, carry babies, dress tables, and adorn beds. Aren´t they lovely?

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  • Amy

    Yum! I always like to pick up fabrics when I travel thinking I’ll use them in a sewing project. But once I bring them home I’m afraid to cut into them because they’re so beautiful. So they just sit in a box where I can pull them out every now and then and admire them. Enjoy the rest of your trip!