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Busy Gal Barbie

Ten years ago, a friend gave me a card with this vintage Barbie image on it and I saved it. I know Barbies are less-than-popular these days because of their sexist implications, but I love this print. I played with the plastic Mattel dolls into my early teens (I was not cool if you haven’t already figured that out). I kept up characters and complicated plots that lasted for years… and then went on to immerse myself in feminist theory and gender studies in college. Contradictory? Perhaps. I think it was good practice for fiction writing, though.


  • Ann's Rants

    I am loving the picture of you directing your Barbies at age 13.

    Skipper YOU got to be the protagonist last time, I know it sucks not to be the ingenue, but the character actresses get WAY more work…

  • Kerri

    I love it, and her, too! I have giant plastic bins of Barbies still at my mom’s house. I’d set up elaborate scenes in my room and would shriek at anyone who knocked over the dining room table made of a Kleenex box or who dared rearrange the pretend pool area. I’m also embarrassed to say my Barbies’ lives put Melrose Place to shame.

  • annie

    did i really send you this card?! how funny! her outfit is fabulous, and i’d like to think she has some excellent fiction, or architectural drawings, or a top notch legal brief, stashed in her monogrammed portfolio. i wonder what i wrote inside the card!