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Geek Culture (and Couture)

If any of you happened to stumble upon my blog yesterday, you may have been greeted, not with pictures and posts as usual, but by hostile gibberish that looked like this:

Parent directory

No, that was not supposed to be an experimental concrete poem. In a fit of what can only be described as temporary insanity caused by too much time online, I decided that would try to move my blog to a new web address. By myself. I can’t explain why I decided to do this without the assistance of a professional. I can only say that I was motivated by a surge of geeky empowerment (“I know minimal amounts of HTML! I know how to use FileZilla!”). Bad, bad idea. I not only broke my blog, but I broke my underlying website, too, rendering it to nothing more than indecipherable blue text. I truly learned the meaning of “knowing just enough to be dangerous.”

Yesterday, 5:30 PM.

Panicked phone call to my web-inclined friend, Nick: “I–I–I broke–my—websiiiiiiite.”

His response went something like, “What were you trying to do? …New URL? SQL database…? No, you didn’t. NEVER go in there!…Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…binary solo, 0000001… Robo Boogie–YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME.”

Lucky for me, he had my website and blog back up and running before I could hop on my bike, stop at Star Liqour to pick up an apologetic six pack of Fatty Boombalatty, and head over to his house with a thumb drive of all my backup files. Oh, and his wife is the one who gave me the Bread for Dummies recipe featured on Monday. So cheers to those two.

In honor of the heroism of nerdy skill sets, I put together this virtual geek fashion show. I just might have to buy some Tetris earrings.

Tetris Earrings from Etsy Seller SelfRescuingPrincess
Binary code bracelet from Etsy seller KarlaWheelerDesign
HTML T-shirt from CafePress


  • Barbara

    This made me laugh out loud! I recently did almost the same thing. I was able to slap myself into reality just before it all went floating away to cyber space. I figured, if I were really good at html, etc. I would not be an artist and writer… I would be a tech/ designer. Good to learn your strengths.
    Thanks for the laugh this morning. Glad you’re back.

  • Kerry

    You got your geekiness from your dad. His loaded linex ubuntu OS on his computer because he doesn’t like Windows.