Pink Wine: Thinking Outside the Box

For years, any mention of rosé wine conjured images of Sunset Blush from a box which, in turn, led to dry heaving. Then my friend Katie, ever adventurous, offered me a glass of Sofia Blanc de Blancs at my bridal shower. I only accepted it because I loved The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation, so I reasoned that a wine named after their director would be good, too.

On my honeymoon in Argentina, I tried more pink wines, and even bought some Crios de Susana de Balbo Rosé when I got back to the US. Now that warmer weather is upon us and my bias is almost gone (though I still will secretly judge you if you put ice cubes in your white zin), I might actually be into this pink wine thing.

Last week, while my friend Laura and I were poring over our novel manuscripts, she served me a glass of Incanto rosé. It was bone dry, a tiny bit effervescent, and delightfully refreshing. And quite affordable from the local Trader Joe’s. Suddenly my manuscript didn’t look so bad. Rose-colored glasses, anyone?


  • Katie

    Susan!!! I am glad that I had an influence on your wine tastes! I love Sofia Rose. Mmmm. It has been so long since I have seen it anywhere. I am craving some now!!! Thanks for remembering what I served at your shower…

  • Ann's Rants

    Yum and yum (Rose and Bloody Marys with a chaser).

    I better whip up a manuscript so I can join you guys. See you in a few years 😉

  • LJBN

    That rosé did work wonders, didn’t it? Another great rosé at Trader Joes is the organic Albero from Spain. Equally effervescent, I love bringing it to a party or holiday celebration.

  • annie

    ok, i have to admit i haven’t had any pink wine since the days when i considered franzia classy (circa 1999) but i think it looks so especially cute and girly! maybe i’ll have to try some of the sofia coppola or incanto on thursday night when i have girlfriends over to my porch.