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Baby It’s Cold Outside

I live in Wisconsin, where below zero temperatures for days in a row are not uncommon. Many midwesterners suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I have discovered that SAD has an ugly cousin, FAD. FAD stands for Fashion Apathy Disorder. It’s a disease that strikes downtrodden souls during the winter months, encouraging them to just give up on the notion of looking good because no one will see what you’re wearing under that down parka and ski mask anyway. FAD can strike anyone at any time, and is most prevalent during the dark days of January and February. There is no need to be alarmed, though. There are ways to prevent FAD.  It is possible both to stay warm and look cute. Here’s  my prescription for vaccinating yourself against FAD–and the cold–this winter.

Belted down jacket by Marc New York from Bluefly

Tailored black down jacket. They key here is to be warm, but not look like you’re wearing your sleeping bag. A belted or cinched waist is essential. A hood is important, too, just in case the weather turns especially brutal.

Mohair scarf from Etsy seller, elde

Interesting, bright scarf in a fine fabric. This one is hand-knit from mohair. It’s got  a substantial width, so it can be wrapped in a lot of different ways, and pulled up to cover your mouth and nose if necessary.

Vintage shearling hat from Esty seller, violetvillevintage

Vintage fur hat. Nothing says you are serious about fighting the cold and FAD like a vintage fur hat. This one is made of shearling, but you can find them made from fox, mink, and rabbit. I’m kicking myself for not having bought a hat like this made from white alpaca when I was in Peru last fall.


  • Barbara Hammond

    FAD…LOL! So true. I have never owned a down jacket, let alone coat, because I’m short and they make me look like a weeble. Even belted, I’m afraid.
    So when it gets bitter out I don my vintage muskrat coat that I found in a small consignment store. If a PETA devotee assaults me, I just tell them it’s roadkill. :))

  • Style Maniac

    Come January (and ESPECIALLY in February) I too will be suffering from severe cases of SAD and FAD. Although smiling at your hilarious FAD acronym will help. As will your suggestions for that lovely scarf and very reasonably priced coat.

    My own winter lifesavers include an incredibly warm but lightweight Blue Duck Shearling Coat (purchased from their outlet showroom in NYC for a fraction of the retail price)and ARA boots, made of Goretex (so they are waterproof, warm and breathable) yet stylish.