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Ooh La La

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the last thing on my mind is lingerie. Nothing says sexy like elastic-waist maternity pants, right? Suddenly, my clothes don’t fit like they used to… especially the bras. For those like me, who could use a little help in the world of, ahem, undergarments, Katherine Bice, owner of La Lingerie boutique in Madison, has a lot to say on the topic:

Lingerie is the hardest piece of clothing to fit. ”I am 34 what?” “This C cup doesn’t fit like the other bra. What do I do now?” According to Tracy M. Pfeifer, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, 80% of women wear the wrong bra. From my experience in working with thousands of women in my six years in Big Box Retail and Specialty lingerie shops, that statistic seems low. Most women in the Midwest are wearing the wrong bra, and it affects their self-image, how their clothes fit, and it affects how they are viewed by the world around them.

It’s Katherine’s mission for women of all shapes and sizes to find beautiful lingerie that fits. Her store carries sizes 30A – 40HH and 44F, so there are bras–and pretty ones, at that–for every body. La Lingerie offers private fittings Tuesdays through Saturdays by appointment, so that each customer can experience personalized service. For those who can’t commit to an appointment, the store also has open house hours on Wednesday evenings from 5-7 PM. And if you need something for that certain someone, or perhaps want to pamper yourself for Valentine’s Day, the boutique (located at  845 East Johnson Street) is offering special holiday hours to help you find something that will put a little ooh la la back into your life.

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  • barbara

    I can attest to the improvement of a good bra fitting. Having been barely an A cup most of my life I rarely wore one. I always tell my daughter-in-law… even an A cup can begin to sag. So sad and so true. But a good fitting bra can actually be comfortable, so it is worth getting a good fitting.

  • Jenni Jo

    Katherine has changed the way my (eh-hem), girls feel! I’m just gonna say it…she got me into the right size and my oh my, what a difference it makes! You owe it to yourselves ladies…this is not indulgent, it’s respectful & necessary. Get thee to La Lingerie pronto!

  • Style Maniac

    Katherine’s right, the correct undergarments make a huge difference in how your clothes look. Honestly, though, I can’t stand wearing a bra. If I do, I practically rip it off the moment I get in the door (I’m surprisingly good at taking it off under layers of clothing!). I probably need an expert fitting, right? {sigh}