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Sexy Beverages Sans Sauce

A pregnant friend of mine recently asked a waiter, “Do you have any sexy non-alcoholic beverages?” The waiter looked confused, but rose to the occasion and came back with a Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew–a strong and sweet ginger ale. The eager young server watched as my friend took a first sip. “Is it sexy?” he asked. She declared that it was.

See, we preggos get tired of seltzer and Sprite (which I think basically tastes like sugar dissolved in water). It’s good to have some options to mix things up when mixed drinks are off limits. In the last few months, I have become somewhat of a connoisseur of nonalcoholic beverages. Here are my recommendations on the best of what I’ve tried, for others out there who are knocked up or just trying to lay off the sauce…

  • Sioux City Root Beer. Root beer is my favorite nonalcoholic beverage. I’ve tried over a dozen different root beers in the last few months. Many of them are too herbal-tasting, or too sweet, or too heavy-handed on caramel or vanilla flavors. Sioux City has the balance just right. And if you’re inclined to try something a little different, you can sample Sioux City’s Sarsaparilla (made famous by its mention in The Big Lebowski).
  • Le Village Sparkling Cider. This stuff is fantastic. It reminds me of the hard sidra you can get on tap in dark little bars in Northern Spain, except that it’s non-alcoholic and its French. It’s a good choice to pair with cheese and it’s got a champagne-style cork that’s fun to open. I barely even miss the booze when I drink this.
  • Izze Sparkling Pomegranate. This is a tasty, refreshing beverage that’s not too sweet. It would be perfect for a hot day, with an orange wedge and some ice in it. Izze’s sparkling juices are all natural, made with just fruit and sparkling water, and no refined sugars or preservatives, so you don’t have to feel guilty when you drink them.
  • San Pellegrino Limonata. This sparkling lemonade will satisfy any sour cravings you might have. It’s got a fresh, lemon-juicy taste with just a little bit of sweetness. Unlike many soft drinks, this one actually tastes good with food. I had it earlier this week with a Neapolitan-style pizza, and the two things complimented each other perfectly.