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A spicy recipe for the solstice

The winter solstice is upon us, but before we can look forward to incremental surges of sunshine, we first need to get through the darkest day of the year. If you need a recipe for comfort food to ease the way, chef Dani Lind has a recipe for sweet potato and black bean chili in the winter issue of Edible Madison magazine that might help.

Cover photo by Jim Klousia

The recipe goes along with an article I wrote on how local potters are organizing grassroots events to fight hunger by donating their artwork.  The sweet potato chili recipe was served at one of such events. Besides being delicious, the recipe is healthy, too. Perhaps I’ll whip up a batch and try to counteract the massive amounts of homemade fudge, cookies, and holiday cocktails I’ve been consuming. If only chocolate were a vegetable. Sigh.



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  • Style Maniac

    What a wonderful idea. It really captures the spirit of the holidays.

    The darkness of the last week has put me in a bit of hibernation mode and given me serious carbo cravings — well, more than usual! I am really looking forward to getting past the Winter Solstice and on to brighter days.