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So Much to Celebrate

On New Year’s Eves past, I’ve stood with my toes in the sand on a Mexican beach, danced on a ballroom floor in San Francisco, bummed a seldom cigarette at a Chicago bar, cozied up with Fat Tires and football in a Colorado condo, and waved my arms on many a curbside, shivering and looking for elusive empty cabs.

This year, I’ll be all of two blocks away from home, celebrating with close friends and a tribe of tots aged 3 months to 3 years. The gathering will be modest, but never have I had so much to celebrate in bidding farewell to a year. In 2011, I finished a novel, landed a great new job, and, best of all, became a momma. I’ll likely be wearing jeans, a sweater, and Smartwool socks, but if my clothing matched my mood, I’d be wearing something standout and short, like one of these little numbers.

Dresses by 12th St. by Cynthia Vincent from, IRO from, Robert Rodriguez from  Bags by AnyaHindmarch from, Lanvin from Net-a-Porter, DVF from Matches